ras el hikma

After Ras al-Hekma UAE deal, Egypt could open Sharm el-Sheikh’s Ras Gamila to Saudi investment

Egypt is reportedly planning to make a renewed push to offer prime Red Sea coastal land in Ras al-Ghamila (also Ras al-Gamila, Ras al-Jamila) in the Straits of Tiran in South Sinai for foreign investment, in the wake of a $35 billion deal with the UAE for the development of Ras al-Hekma on the North Coast. Egypt is reportedly targeting local and Gulf investors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the lucrative...

10 things you need to know about Egypt’s Ras El-Hikma project

🌟 Exciting News for Egypt’s North Coast!🌟 🚧 Ras El-Hikma City Development in Progress 🚧 Egypt is in talks with international companies and funds to develop Ras El-Hikma City in the North Coast region. The official plan will be announced soon, marking a significant milestone in this project. ▫️ Part of Egypt’s Urban Development Plan ▫️ Aims to create sustainable, smart...

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