10 things you need to know about Egypt’s Ras El-Hikma project

🌟 Exciting News for Egypt’s North Coast!🌟

🚧 Ras El-Hikma City Development in Progress 🚧

Egypt is in talks with international companies and funds to develop Ras El-Hikma City in the North Coast region. The official plan will be announced soon, marking a significant milestone in this project.

▫️ Part of Egypt’s Urban Development Plan
▫️ Aims to create sustainable, smart cities
▫️ Attracts millions of residents with amenities like tourism, recreational services, advanced tech industries, commercial centers, and international company hubs
▫️ Provides excellent educational and healthcare services
▫️ Other cities include Al-Alamein, Al-Nagila, and Jarjoub; enhancing Marsa Matrouh and Salloum
▫️ Focus on Northwestern Coastal area for population growth
▫️ Creates job opportunities for Egyptian youth

Ras El-Hikma, a key city in this plan, will see international partnerships bringing expertise and financial power. The goal? To make it a top international tourist destination on the Mediterranean Sea within five years. 🌊🌍✨

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